Britax MAX-WAY
Britax MAX-WAY

Britax MAX-WAY


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Extended rearward-facing travel is possible with the Plus Test approved Britax MAX-WAY from 9 kg to 25 kg.

The seat’s many reclining positions, adjustable headrest, and harness let you customise it to your child’s changing needs as they grow, and the chest and belly padding add comfort. Because the Britax MAX-WAY is a small seat, there is more room for additional passengers in the back of the car.

Extended rearward facing for a safer journey
When installed in a rearward-facing position, MAX-WAY is appropriate for kids weighing 9 kg to 25 kg and provides extended protection for a period of time ranging from roughly 9 months to 6 years. In the event of a frontal collision, Britax MAX-WAY supports your child as its body is pushed into and held by the seat, offering better protection than with a forward facing seat . Less strain is placed on the neck and head as a result, lowering the risk of injury.

The 3-point seat belt of the vehicle can be used to install this child car seat. This option comes in handy if you plan to move the car seat between vehicles, some of which might not have ISOFIX attachment points. The vehicle seat’s seat belt guides will assist you in effectively installing the seat. Britax  MAX-WAY-specific requirements: For a secure installation, lower tethers and a support leg are used for maximum stability. To determine whether the car seat is suitable with your vehicle, use the FIT FINDER® or our vehicle list on the product page.

Quick-remove cover

On the road, things can get rather messy. Children may become car sick, and drinks may spill. Because of this, we created a machine-washable seat cover that can be quickly cleaned and put back on without taking off the safety harness.

Extended rearward facing

The best protection in a frontal collision, the most common form of accident on the road, is provided by rearward-facing car seats. The back of the seat receives the majority of the crash energy in a frontal collision with a rearward-facing seat, with the head, neck, and upper torso taking the remainder of the energy. A forward-facing seat may result in more energy striking the child’s body because the impact’s energy is distributed differently across the seat and restraint system. We advise backward facing for as long as feasible while transporting children.

Multi-recline positions

Maintaining your child’s comfort while travelling is essential. This seat was created with numerous recline levels that you can easily modify to provide a stress-free ride with a content child.

Simple headrest and harness adjustments

With only one hand, you can effortlessly change our plush headrest and harness to fit your child’s height. Make sure the headrest is positioned correctly, slightly over the child’s shoulders, before fastening the harness.

5-point harness

A 5-point harness, in our opinion, keeps your child snug and safe inside the car seat’s protective shell, making it the most secure way to restrain them. The harness distributes the forces of an impact across five places in the case of a collision: two at the shoulders, two at the hips, and one where the harness fastens between the legs. This helps shield your child from all impact directions.

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