Egg Newborn Insert
Egg Newborn Insert
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Egg Newborn Insert


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If you wish to use your Egg stroller from birth, then the Egg Newborn Insert has been designed specifically for this purpose.

Made from 100% pure cotton the Egg Newborn Insert is very padded and comfortable, and most importantly has a wedge that takes the depth out of the stroller seat to give your baby a flatter lying position. It has a raised edge to keep baby snug, and slots to pull the stroller harnesses through to keep baby secure. As with all  Egg products it has the Egg branded logo on it.  We would always recommend the Egg Carrycot as the best choice for a newborn baby as it has the most comfort and protection, but the Egg Newborn Insert is an alternative.

If you have any queries on Egg products then the shop staff would be pleased to assist you by telephone or email.

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