Fillikid Bottle and Phone Holder for Pram



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The multi-use Fillikid Bottle and Phone Holder is a high-quality product with a multitude of uses.

Although primarily designed for use in a stroller – it can also be used on a bike, in a caravan or the home. Indeed, as I write this, my mobile is sat in the cradle of the phone holder at the perfect angle, meaning I can accept video calls while still typing.

The Fillikids Bottle and Phone Holder comes in three sections, the very chunky and multi-adjustable clamp, the phone holder and of course the bottle holder.

The quality of this product is just staggering. It is tough!

I am particularly impressed with the multi-adjustable clamp and phone holder as it holds my phone so securely by way of manually adjustable claws and a four-way elasticated rubber web which stretches to the four corners of your phone.

The bottle holder is suitable for standard baby bottles and slimline cans (max 53 mm diameter) and can be interchanged with the phone holder using the same clamp.

Extra clamps are also available separately.


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