Fillikid Cocoon Plus Crib


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Night after night, the fillikid Cocon Plus side bed brings parents and their newborns very close together. During the day, the little bed – 90 cm long and 40 cm wide – moves quickly out of the way on castors until the next evening or serves as a living room bed.
In its function as an additional bed, the belts of your baby’s sleeping area always hold tight to the large parent’s bed. It can be attached easily and without leaving any residue. Separation also hardly takes any time. Thanks to four smooth-running castors, the bed disappears quickly into a corner during the day, where it doesn’t bother you. But if you still need a cot for the kitchen, living room or study, simply close the open side with the integrated sliding grille and thus create a day place that is as safe as it is mobile for the little ones.
Day and night, the five-way height-adjustable floor always provides the necessary flexibility. Thanks to the open bars and the perforated floor, your baby can always get enough fresh air and the curious glances of the surroundings are not blocked. Solid beech wood gives the necessary stability and at the same time ensures long durability – even with daily movement.

Product information
5-way height-adjustable floor (51 / 54.5 / 58 / 61.5 / 65 cm)
also suitable for box spring beds
with fastening strap
with 4 castors
Material: solid beech wood can
can also be used as a mobile living room bed
Dimensions: 91.5 (H) x 94.5 (W ) x 46 (D) cm


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