BeCool Match Bugaboo
Cameleon3 Travel System

  • BeCool Match Bugaboo <br />Cameleon3 Travel System
    BeCool Match Bugaboo <br />Cameleon3 Travel SystemBeCool Match Bugaboo <br />Cameleon3 Travel SystemBeCool Match Bugaboo <br />Cameleon3 Travel SystemBeCool Match Bugaboo <br />Cameleon3 Travel System
    BeCool Match Bugaboo <br />Cameleon3 Travel SystemBeCool Match Bugaboo <br />Cameleon3 Travel System

    BeCool Match Bugaboo
    Cameleon3 Travel System

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    A lie flat car seat is by far the healthiest and safest way for a new born to travel comfortably. It also gives parents the added bonus of being able to travel longer distances without the need to stop every 30 - 60 minutes or so.  Newborn babies that travel in a lie flat car seat benefit from much higher blood oxygen levels and lower breathing and heart rates meaning physiologically they are considerably less stressed. A low blood oxygen level in a very young baby can lead to very serious consequences and in extreme cases SIDS.  Medical research shows the higher the angle of the car seat the worse these issues become.  One analogy we heard at a trade event of late, was that a lie flat car seat offered the comparable difference of baby flying first class instead of in economy!

    It is estimated by some experts that a lie flat car seat is approximately ten to fifteen times healthier and safer than a conventional car seat, (see also British Medical Journal website article by clicking  HERE  (opens new window). 

    A lie flat car seat (and in this context we include also low angle car seats seats and in car carrycots) can mean that a new born can travel for as long as the parent wishes without stopping and indeed some multi position car seats and car carrycots can safely be used for occasional overnight sleeping. In crash tests these car seats and carrycots are also very safe. We do not recommend or sell any car seat that does not have excellent crash test results.  

    How long can a newborn travel in a car seat? Sadly, there are still websites out there that quote the old "two hour rule" and this is wrong! 

    The "two hour rule" (which was never officially recognised) was superseded by the advice given by Professor Peter Fleming and Dr Renu Arya in November 2016. For full details of the benefits of your newborn travelling flat in the car please go to our satellite website  (opens a new window).

    Since the advice to parents and carers has changed, car seat manufacturers have started to produce several lie flat car seats but parents often find it difficult to identify which of these new generation lie flat seats fit onto what strollers. Baby2k are always at the forefront of making things easy for parents...indeed we were the very first baby product retailer in the UK to make product video reviews and information video's such as "What is ISOfix" a video that has had nearly three quarters of a million views on YouTube. To see the video click HERE , (opens a new window). 

    So to make things easy for new parents we have now started a catalogue on our website, offering safe and healthy lie flat car seats that, (often with the use of adaptors) connect to a stroller to make a safe and healthy travel system and right now you are on one of the pages within the catalogue. If you have entered our website direct to this page and want to see a selection of the lie flat car seat travel systems we offer click HERE   Not all options are catalogued but all of the most popular are. 

    In this package you will receive: 

     (1)  A BeCool Match Lie Flat car seat

     (2)  Adaptors to connect the Match to a Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller.

     (3)  A Bugaboo Cameleon Pram / Stroller (latest model) complete with all fabrics; (click HERE for details).

     (4)  Any other product(s) as chosen by you in any other drop down box(es).


    Many parents see a easily transportable first stage car seat (often called an "Infant Carrier") as a "bucket style" safety product with an adjustable handle that secures in the car either by way of the car seat belts or an ISOfix base.  Infant carriers invariably also attach to a stroller and this product combination is called a "Travel System".  However dig deeper and in fact there are available a variety of transportable first stage car seats that attach to a stroller that are not typical infant carriers and they come in various forms as shown below.  

     Multi Position Car Seats; such as the Jane/Be Cool Match and Jane Matrix Light 2. These car seats are patented and allow baby to travel flat in the early months and then change shape to become a large conventional infant carrier, meaning it takes longer for baby to outgrow. Matrix was introduced some years ago whilst Match was launched in 2017. Match and Matrix are virtually the same, they use exactly the same fixings and the same ISOfix base, the only differences are cosmetic. Both products can be secured in the car by use of both seat belts and the swivelling ISOfix base. With exception of the Bugaboo Cameleon the Match & Matrix will only attach to Jane, Concord & Be Cool strollers. Both Match & Matrix can be used for occasional overnight sleeping as both products also comply to carrycot regulations. 

    Lie Flat Car Carrycots; such as the Maxi Cosi Jade and Jane Transporter both offer similar features except that the Jade is considerably smaller than the Transporter and will only last until baby reaches 6 months or so. However, the Jade will fit onto lots more strollers than the Transporter which will only fit some Jane group strollers. We don't offer Jade online as we are not convinced it offers great value and we don't offer Transporter because it does not fit on a ISOfix base, something we know most parents demand. We accept though that in certain circumstances (such as premature babies and those that have early surgery) there is an excellent case for going with a lie flat car carrycot and we are always happy to offer advice on what is your best option and of course, give you a highly competitive quote! 

    Low Angle Car Seats; take care here...some low angle car seats are only low angle when attached to a stroller or don't fit well in the car which in our view makes them nigh on useless! At the time of writing we can only recommend one low angle car seat the Joie I-Level which angles down to almost flat when secured in most cars. The I-Level attaches to lots of different strollers including ones from Mercedes Benz Hartan, Bugaboo, Babystyle, Mamas & Papas, Joolz and of course Joie. As well as it's great technical features, I-Level is amazing value and even comes complete with an ISOfix base! The German brand Kiddy also offered some great low angle car seats (they claimed they were lie flat car seats but in fact they were low angle), but sadly they went out of business recently. At the time of writing we are not aware if Kiddy will re-launch. 

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