Baby proof your home with the Fred Safety Home Starter Kit.

This Fred Safety starter set contains a selection of key items for baby proofing your home. It is important to protect little ones against dangerous objects such a knives or chemicals, finger-traps, electrical hazards and sharp corners as they begin to grow and become more mobile and adventurous around the home.
Making your home safe is essential if you are to be able to relax with a baby or toddler in the house. This Fred Home Safety Starter Pack contains 7 individually designed baby safety products to protect against risks common to most homes.
The safety kit also features the Fred choke tester. A tool designed to enable you to check any small objects around the home that could potentially represent a choking hazard for your child. Each Fred Safety item is quick and easy to install.
You will not need to use tools to install any of these products. The Fred SecureHold and ExtremeHold adhesives are used throughout the Fred range to ensure a powerful and durable bond that attaches to most surfaces in your home, and won’t be broken by small children. Although these products are not toys, all of them have been made from bite-proof, food-grade materials for extra reassurance should your child put one in their mouth.


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