Diago Deluxe Pram Awning Grey


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For a protected time outdoors we offer the Diago Deluxe Pram Awning Grey for prams, buggies and pushchairs with hood.

The awning provides shade inside the pram and protects your child from dangerous UV rays: The premium Twill fabric is coated with an extra UV protection layer. The UV protection factor 50+ absorbs 98% of dangerous UV rays.

For visual contact with the baby, the awning is simply moved backwards alongside the cords. The awning can be shifted to the left or to the right according to the sunlight direction.

Mounting the awning is quick and easy: Simply put the elastic band around the hood and pull it downwards. To attach the other end of the awning, fasten the cords tightly around the pram’s handle by making knots.

The premium twill fabric is trendy, yet subtle and neutral and suits every pram model.

  • Product Benefit: Reliably protects against UV rays and provides shade inside the pram
  • Comfort: UV Protection 50+ according to Australian standard – absorbs 98% of harmful UV rays
  • Extras: The awning can be shifted to the left and to the right depending on the sunlight’s direction
  • Other: For visual contact with your child move the awning backwards without releasing the fastening cords
  • Suitable for: Prams and pushchairs with hood
  • Material: Polyester-Twill
  • Colour: Heathered grey
  • Use: Put the elastic around the hood and pull downwards – fasten cords tightly around the handle by using a knot


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