Fillikid Vario Folding Bathtub

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The Fillikid Vario folding bathtub is multifunctional and can be stowed away to save space. It is the perfect product if you want to bathe your child from 0 to 4 years of age but do not always have a large bathtub available and are happy when you can stow away utensils such as the bathtub in a space-saving manner when you don’t need them.

In the initial phase, you can bathe your baby in the folded tub for up to 12 months and you don’t have to bend down too much. Then you can easily enlarge the tub and your little one will have a lot of fun splashing around in it for up to 4 years and weighing up to 25 kilos.

The supplied stool can be used both as a step for entry or as a stool for bathing. With the help of the supplied hose, the tub can also be emptied very easily in the large version. A practical detail is hidden in the two closures: If the water is too hot, they turn white. If you stay blue, the water is at the right temperature.

The non-slip feet ensure a safe stand and the practical holder for the shower hose rounds off the bathing pleasure perfectly. Thanks to the simple folding mechanism and the small pack size, the bathtub is also ideal for travelling or when visiting grandparents and friends and even if only a shower is available, the Vario folding bathtub can be used to remedy this.

Product features:

  • Foldable bathtub
  • 100 liter capacity
  • Phthalate-free
  • Usable from 0-4 years
  • Stool / step included
  • Practical hose for emptying included
  • Closure with temperature display
  • Non-slip feet

Technical details:

Dimensions open: (L) x (W) x (H): 86 x 55 x 42 cm
Dimensions fully closed: L) x (W) x (H): 86 x 55 x 19 cm

Weight: 4.2kg

Capacity: 100 liters

Maximum load: 25kg


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