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A pushchair can also known as a stroller, buggy, or sometimes a pram. Pushchairs are typically used for babies and toddlers and come in various styles and features, though it is not unknown for people to buy them for their pets! We usually have around sixty pushchairs in stock in our beautiful seven-showroom store, including a wide range of strollers, buggies and prams.  

Our Range of pushchairs

a Joie Pushchair
Joie Versatrax Pushchair Laurel

To see all of our range of pushchairs (but not all of our traditional prams), click HERE – or carry on reading for extra information. 

The main difference between a pushchair and a pram is the age range they are designed for. Pushchairs are generally suitable for babies around six months old when they can sit unaided. Prams, however, are designed for newborns and younger babies who need to lie down. Some pushchairs are able to adapt to become a pram with the addition of a carrycot; often, they are available as an accessory, though sometimes pushchair manufacturers or retailers will add a carrycot or other accessories to make what is known as a “bundle”.

What are Bundles for pushchairs?

Bundles are quite popular these days though it is important the buyer understands all the features of the products in the bundle and that they are getting the right products for their needs. 

Pushchairs are also more lightweight and portable than prams, making them easier to fold up and transport. This makes them a good choice for parents who are on the go.

Here are some of the features to look for when choosing a pushchair:

  • Weight and portability: How easy is it to fold up and transport the pushchair? Will it fit in a car’s boot, or is it easy to use when using a bus, train or plane?
  • Seat position: Can the seat be reclined or adjusted to face forward or backwards?
  • Storage space: Does the pushchair have a basket or storage compartment for storing baby’s belongings?
  • Wheels: Are the wheels sturdy and easy to manoeuvre? This feature is particularly important if you are going “off-road”.
  • Handle height: Will it adjust in height for all users?
  • Axle position: Will tall people with longer stride lengths walk into the rear axle?  This issue particularly applies to men who have longer stride lengths. 

What’s the best pushchair?

The best pushchair for you will depend on your individual needs and budget. Consider your child’s age, the type of activities you plan to do with them, and your lifestyle when making your decision.

Here are some of the most popular types of pushchairs:

  • Travel systems: A travel system is a pushchair that comes with a car seat attachment. This allows you to easily transfer baby from the car to the pushchair without waking them up – most newborns fall asleep when travelling, and the angle of the car seat’s backrest becomes important so to avoid what is known as oxygen desaturation. It is important to note not all car seats fit all cars, so an in-store visit becomes essential.
  • All-terrain pushchair: This type of pushchair is designed for rough terrain, such as gravel or dirt paths. It has larger wheels and suspension to provide a smoother ride.
  • Tandem pushchairs: This type of pushchair can accommodate two children, one behind the other. It is a good choice for parents with two young children. Some models can even accept two carrycot or two car seats baking the ultimate travel system. 
  • Side-by-side twin pushchairs: These models tend to be easier to push than tandem pushchairs because the weight distribution is closer to the pushchairs handle – one model can even convert to a single pushchair, and accept one or two carrycot or car seats. Yes – pushchair technology is incredibly advanced!
  • Lightweight pushchair: This type of pushchair is easy to fold up and transport. It is a good choice for parents who travel frequently or live in small spaces. Depending on the folding mechanism, some will be classed as “buggies” while others will invariably be classed as “strollers”. 

Our Specialist Team

Our sales team are often asked, “What is the best pushchair”? The simple answer is there is not one. Many new parents look at product reviews and possibly demonstration videos online, and while these can be very useful, nothing beats coming in-store and trying a pushchair out and getting a full demonstration from one of our highly trained staff.

No matter what type of pushchair you choose, our sales team at Baby 2000 will help ensure you get it right. We are open six days a week and even offer online demonstrations via Zoom because, at Baby 2000, service and a highly competitive price come as standard. 

You can see all of our online range of pushchairs, strollers and buggies by clicking HERE

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