PoLLution SoLLution Universal Pushchair Raincover


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PoLLution SoLLution Universal Pushchair Raincover

PoLLution SoLLutionTM is a new brand devoted to reducing the intake of urban pollution into babies and children respiratory systems.

We’re all only too well aware of the dreadful air pollution hitting our towns and cities.

Regular news features from the BBC and others highlight increases in respiratory problems, longer term breathing disorders such as Asthma, and chronic lung and heart conditions, which experts attribute to this pollution.

Tiny particles, known as particulate matter (PM), and invisible gases such as nitrogen dioxide, emitted by idling vehicles outside schools and nurseries, in high streets and in fact, anywhere a traffic jam occurs, are inescapable by most of us. For the most defenceless of us, our babies and children, whose respiratory systems aren’t fully developed until they reach three years, their vulnerability is particularly extreme.

Working with a European Intelligent Fabrics company, PoLLution SoLLutionTM developed a new fabric combination that helps to filter out pollution, forming the basis for its patented PoLLution SoLLutionTM breathable rain covers to use with most infant carriers, strollers and travel systems.

The first product to be launched is the infant carrier car seat rain cover which when tested by an independent testing house was shown to reduce NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) by 100% and other common pollutants by at least 30%. Efficiency will vary depending on fit and other local factors.

Going forward this unique fabric will also be used to manufacture everyday anti-pollution covers for infant carrier style car seats, carrycots & strollers as well as anti UV & anti-pollution sun covers.

It is our intent to stock the entire range of product from  PoLLution SoLLutionTM because our kids are precious!


The PoLLution SoLLution Universal Pushchair Raincover will fit:

  • BABYSTYLE Oyster, Hybrid
  • BUGABOO Cameleon, Donkey Seat Unit
  • COSATTO Giggle, Wow
  • GB Maris
  • JANE Crosswalk, Muum, Rider, Trider
  • JOOLZ Day Seat Unit
  • JOOLZ Geo Seat Unit
  • MAMAS & PAPAS Mylo
  • QUINNY Buzz
  • SILVER CROSS Pioneer, Surf, Wayfarer
  • UPPABABY Vista, Cruz
  • Other Similar Styles


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