Venicci Tinum Upline 3 in 1 Moonstone

The brand new Venicci Tinum is the perfect companion in all your adventures, which in combination with refined details, luxurious design and a variety of functionalities, will make everyday life easier for brave mums and curious world babies.

This model will allow you to provide safety to what is most important for you in a unique and elegant way.

Discover British safety with Venicci Tinum Upline Travel System

This model is perfect for demanding parents. It impresses with its innovative solutions, such as the ability to remove the carrycot or seat unit using just one hand due to the memory buttons. To ensure comfort for both mums and their babies, the 3Up System has been applied, which means you can adjust the position of the seat unit’s hood, headrest and harness with one hand.

New Travel System, which becomes an authority amongst others

The additional suspension will pass its test in the most demanding terrains. Moreover, Front Wheels Support System supports the work of front wheels. Venicci Tinum Upline is equipped with a magnetic seat unit harness buckle, which means the harness can be fastened in a quick and simple way. These functionalities and beautiful and refined embellishments make this model stand out.

Everyday support, in the best style possible

We kept the features that have been appreciated in the past by experienced parents. Your and your baby’s comfort is most important, and Venicci Tinum Upline can become your best companion during all your adventures. One of the most important features is its solid, gel wheels. The bundle comes with a large, stylish bag with a removable sachet, which you can use and style in various ways. That’s not everything, Travel System bundle includes comfortable and cosy footmuff.

What’s included?

  • Frame
  • Carrycot
  • Seat Unit
  • Car seat – COSMO
  • Footmuff
  • Stylish bag with a removable sachet
  • Changing mat
  • Rain Cover
  • Mosquito Net
  • Shopping basket insert
  • Car seat adapters


  • L: 99CM | W: 60CM | H: 112CM
  • WEIGHT (with chassis): 12.9KG


  • L: 29CM | W: 60CM | H: 64CM
  • WEIGHT (chassis with wheels): 8.2KG
  • WEIGHT (chassis without wheels): 5.6KG


  • L: 92CM | W: 60CM | H: 107CM
  • WEIGHT (with chassis): 12.9KG


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