Axkid Spinkid 180 Brick Melange

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Axkid Spinkid 180 Brick Melange

The Axkid Spinkid is a swivel car seat suitable from 40-105cm approximately newborn up to 4 years. The comfortable 180 swivel function makes it easy to handle whilst still featuring the huge safety benefits of rear-facing travelling.

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Features of the Axkid Spinkid 180

Easy 180 Swivel car seat – With just one button you can rotate the car seat to face the door and have easy access to your child when getting in and out of the car.

Baby Support cushion – With the included and adaptable baby support cushion even the smallest child will travel safe and comfortable in the Axkid Spinkid.

Adjustable Rebound bar – the unique flexibility of the rebound bar allows for an easier installation to your car and can offer additional legroom for your child.

Advanced Sleep Well System – multiple reclining positions, can be adjusted during the journey, making it easy to find the perfect position for your child and your needs.

Easy everyday handling with Axkid Spinkid
The swivel car seat, Axkid Spinkid makes it easy to secure your child in the car seat. With just one button, you can simply spin the seat towards the door and access your child. The flexibility of the rotating car seat makes it not only convenient to lift your child in and out of the car seat it also gives you, as a parent, a more comfortable position when you buckle your child in the car seat. Additional support is given with the magnetic holders, featured on each side of the car seat, that position the harness away whilst putting your child into the seat.

The adaptable rotating car seat
All children grow at different paces which is why an adaptable car seat, like the Axkid Spinkid, will accommodate your child’s specific needs.

The headrest comes with 12 different steps that make it very convenient to adapt it to your child’s length and size. And with just one hand and step by step, you may higher the headrest whilst your child is growing. This, together with the Advanced Sleep Well System, makes it possible to angle the seat up to 42 degrees during the journey. This makes the Axkid Spinkid a truly great rear-facing car seat that can be used from the smallest to the largest child.

Additional legroom is also given by the hollowed designed of the rebound bar and the flexibility of the rebound bar’s additional 7° angle. This assists your child with up to 14cm of leg space and at the same time the possibility to more easily adapt to your car.

Highest comfort for increased safety
A crucial part of safety is to remain comfortable in the car seat. The Axkid Spinkid comes with a soft premium textile for your child’s maximum comfort. The baby support cushions are additional and adaptable inlays which make it possible to support your child in the most comfortable position and protect your baby in the safest position in the car seat.

Easy Installation System
A correct installation is crucial for the safety of your child in the event of an accident. That is why the installation in just five simple steps to achieve a correct and safe installation under 30 seconds. This is what we call – an Easy Installation System.

The Easy Installation system featured on the Axkid Spinkid also comes with easy handling ISOFIX arms. During the installation you extend the ISOFIX arms, attach them onto the vehicle’s ISOFIX attachment points with just one click. The car seat is pushed towards the vehicle’s seat back to automatically firm the installation and install it into your car.


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