Axkid One 2 Granite Melange

The Axkid One 2 is one of the very best car seats on the market today!

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The Axkid ONE 2 is the only ISOFIX car seat on the market that can be used rear-facing up to 7 years old (61-125 cm/23kg). Installation takes 30 seconds and is simple and safe. It provides the most legroom on the market while allowing it to be one of the smallest rear-facing car seats available.
Only rear-facing ISOFIX car seat on the market that is i-Size approved up to 125 cm/23kg or approx seven years of age. The car seat also passed one of the most rigorous crash tests in the world, the Swedish Plus test.

Axkid ONE 2 is a car seat that can be used from birth to age seven (requires extra cushion – Axkid ONE+ 2).
The dynamic legroom system provides your child with the best legroom on the market and simple access to your child. Thanks to the sliding seat technology, it can also be one of the most compact rear-facing car seats on the market, fitting even in the smallest vehicles.

Simple to use and adapts to your child’s needs – The innovative “sleep well” system and sliding seat technology make it simple to customise the car seat to your child’s needs.
Simply click on the ISOFIX connectors, fold out the support leg, and release the automatic rebound bar to complete the installation in under 30 seconds.
Innovative lightweight design – Weighs 30% less and uses 30% less plastic than competing car seats on the market.
A long-lasting option – The Axkid ONE 2 has a long lifecycle and can be used for up to 7 years. The innovative seat is simple to disassemble and is made of highly recyclable materials.

A new rear-facing car seat generation.

The Axkid ONE 2 raises the bar for car seat safety. It is the only rear-facing ISOFIX seat on the market that is i-Size approved up to 125 cm/23 kg, which means your child can travel rear-facing for up to 3 years longer than in existing ISOFIX car seats on the market. Rear-facing travel is up to 5 times safer for children aged 6-7 years. As a result, the Axkid ONE 2 is part of the company’s long-range safety initiative, which ensures rear-facing safety for as long as feasible.
Strong and lightweight design innovated in Sweden

The Axkid ONE 2 features a unique and creative design that combines aluminium and reinforced steel to create a protective frame that behaves like a cocoon. The seat is constructed with shock-absorbing materials to reduce crash forces. To keep a child cool during the hot summer months, ventilation holes were put to the seat. The entire seat weighs less than 10 kg, allowing larger and heavier children up to the age of 7 to travel backwards. The legroom is the best on the market.

The Axkid ONE 2 is set on rails, allowing it to be rotated back and forward up to 30 cm with just one hand. When more space is needed in the front seat, the sliding seat technology allows the front seat passenger to simply push the seat backwards towards the back seat. No other seat on the market has these qualities, which is why the Axkid ONE 2 offers the most legroom for your child while also being one of the smallest rear-facing car seats on the market, fitting even in the tiniest cars and providing enormous flexibility for your family and needs.

This one-of-a-kind feature also eliminates the disadvantages of rear-facing seats. Because the angle is wider, it’s easier to get your youngster into the seat. The protective frame technology may double as a handle for larger children, allowing them to effortlessly get in and out of the seat. There is no need for swivel functions, which take up space and cause children to outgrow their seats too soon. Older children can ride comfortably for up to 7 years or 125 cm/23 kg, and the anti-rotation bar’s wide design provides more legroom than other chairs on the market. Installation takes around 30 seconds and is completely secure.

Many car seats, both forward-facing and rear-facing, are placed incorrectly to some extent, compromising the seat’s safety. As a result, the Axkid ONE 2 has a simple installation system with six self-explanatory steps and an automatic rebound bar with built-in audio that alerts you when the seat is in the proper position. We promise that you can install the seat in less than 30 seconds thanks to ISOFIX connectors and the lightweight structure that makes handling simple.
Comfort for children aged 0 to 7 years.

The Advanced Sleep Well System on the Axkid ONE 2 allows the seat angle to be reclined all the way to 42 degrees. This means that the car seat can be used as an infant carrier; however, keep in mind that the baby cushion comes only with the Axkid ONE+ 2 car seat. Older children, on the other hand, will love the Advanced Sleep Well System, which will allow them to sleep soundly on road trips.
One+2 Axkid

Your infant can travel safely in this seat from day one, thanks to the soft inlays for further support and the ability to modify the seat angle. Only the Axkid ONE+ car seat comes with the extra infant insert.

Axkid One 2 Features.

  • Approved age: 0-7 years
  • Approved weight: 0-23 kg
  • Approved length: 61-125 cm
  • ISOFIX connectors
  • Internal harness 5-point
  • Ventilation system
  • Removable cover
  • Fixed back cover fabric
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
  • With insert for children between 61 to 105 cm

Axkid One 2 Technical specifications

Width: 44 cm
Height: 76 cm
Depth: 54 cm
Adaptable front brace feature position Yes
Seating depth 32 cm
Seating to buckle 18 cm
Support leg max. 52 cm
Support leg min. 26 cm
Adjustable support leg positions x 14
Weight: >10 kg

Axkid One 2

Are you buying online? Dont forget to check out our amazing price pledge, which also supports Refuge, the domestic abuse charity for women and children.


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