BellaMoon Bamboo Swaddle Sack & Hat


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BellaMoon Bamboo Swaddle Sack & Hat

As soft as cashmere, yet with a sheen of silk – These luxury bamboo swaddle sacks and beanie hats are designed as the perfect baby accessory to photograph your newborn and introduce them to the world.

BellaMoon Bamboo Swaddle Sacks are made of 100% natural knitted bamboo, soft to touch yet perfectly stretchy to allow for a little movement of tiny hands and feet.

There is nothing more perfect than the tiny movements and soft murmurs of a newborn. Your baby is so small for such a short space of time. We want you to capture all that newborn cuteness whilst you can, before *blink* they are 9 months old and jumping out of your arms into a crawl!

BellaMoon Bamboo Swaddle Sacks are the perfect accessory for all those newborn photos you will be taking.

The BellaMoon Bamboo material is often described as having the ‘ultra softness of cashmere and the sheen of silk’.

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic for sensitive baby skin and highly breathable – the perfect material for swaddling babies. Not only are our swaddles super kind to babies skin, but they are also super kind to the environment.


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Taupe, Powder Blue, Pink, Teal


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