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The BellaMoon® Nursing Cover is ideal for mamas that want a little privacy when breastfeeding in public. This stylish nursing cover is boned at the top and structured so that it doesn’t swamp or cling to your baby, providing a lovely airy, private space for them to feed, without distraction. Easy to put on and take off with a simple over the head loop, giving you a protective barrier to shield any leaks or sprays, all whilst allowing you, and only you, full view of your little babe.

For many mums breastfeeding in public without a feeding cover can be a daunting experience, especially in those early few weeks and months when you and baby are both learning. Your breasts are full, leaking is the new norm and there may even be the occasional spray. We want to empower and encourage every mama to get out there. Let nothing stop you. No matter where you are or who is around, we’ve got you covered, quite literally. Our discreet nursing cover gives you the confidence to take on the day, feed your baby and smile!

All of our BellaMoon fabrics have been designed with special thought and attention to fashion trends, style and interiors. When it came to the Eclipse feeding cover, it was important to us that they were subtle enough to help create a calm feeding environment but beautiful enough to compliment your outfit.

Our Eclipse Nursing Cover is super lightweight and folds up very flat and very small. Forget large bulky scarves or wraps, you can easily fit this nursing cover into even the fullest of baby bags, or simply put it in your pocket. The overhead loop makes it incredibly easy to put on even when your hands are full.

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