Jane Matrix Light 2 Isofix Platform

The latest version of Jane Matrix Platform (often referred to as a “Base”) is an accessory that has been specially designed by Jané to make it easier to install the Jané Matrix Light 2 infant car seat in the car. It is only compatible with “Matrix Light 2 version” of Matrix which was launched in about 2014.

The Platform can only be secured to the vehicle using the Isofix system, it cannot be secured using the cars seat belt.  It is quick, easy and safe to install and links to videos showing instillation etc. is shown below.

One of the main features of the Jané Matrix Platform is that it allows your baby to travel lying down (sideways across the vehicles rear seat) or sitting up rear facing ……..thanks to its innovative swivel system. The base has been specially designed to be left permanently in the car, thereby avoiding the constant hassle of installing and removing it.

THE PLATFORM CAN BE TURNED TO 3 DIFFERENT POSITIONS: Two sideways positions (newborn / group 0), that make it easier to get the baby in and out of the infant car seat, in which the baby travels lying down. This means you can secure Matrix Platform from both the near side and off side of your car. For greater protection, when the baby is travelling in one of the lying down positions, the design of the base means that the baby’s head is never near the sides of the vehicle, which is fundamental for protecting the most vulnerable part of the baby in the event of a side impact accident.


    • Group 0/0, 0-13kg, Birth to 18 months approx.
    • Compatible with: Matrix Light 2.
    • Simple and convenient to use.
    • ISOFIX installation to guarantee an accurate, safe fit.
    • Two indicators turn from red to green when the base is correctly connected to the cars ISOFIX brackets.
    • An extendable support leg ensures the base is sturdy and level when installed.
    • Matrix Infant car seat is easily connected and removed from the base using the Pro-fix buttons
    • Innovative swivel system allows Matrix to be in either the sitting up or lying flat positions in the car.
  • The Jané Matrix Platform has passed the strict safety tests of the European Standard ECE R44/04.

Please remember: Not all car seats fit all cars and if you are unsure if this car seat will fit your car we would recommend that you come in to store and have a professional car seat fitting. Our fitting team consists of four IOSH accredited car seat fitters this being the standard that Road Safety Officers aim to attain.


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