Rockit Zed

Babies and young children often sleep well in cars. Rockit Zed uses special motors that imitate both the low-frequency rumbles of the car suspension and the revving of the engine. Choose from six different vibration modes to find the perfect virtual car ride for your baby.

Babies tend to sleep in 45-minute cycles, so Rockit Zed fades out gently after 1 hour, by which time your baby should be into a second cycle and a deeper sleep. The gentle car-like vibrations travel through the mattress to soothe your baby.
Use the night light with or without the vibrations to create a soothing glow. Small and portable – great for night feeds and for taking on holiday too.

Dreaming of good vibrations
Rockit Zed mimics the feeling of being in a car. His clever technology recreates soothing low-frequency vibrations that are known to send babies to sleep.
Easy to use
Simply place Zed on the mattress by your baby’s feet and press the snooze button. The finely tuned vibrations ripple through the mattress, comforting your baby and encouraging a deep sleep.
Vibration and night light modes
6 calming vibration modes which bring the feeling of the car to the cot. A soothing night light with 3 light levels and an all-night mode.
Suitable from birth
Zed has been tested to EN71 safety standards and is suitable from birth. It can also be effective when used with older children and even grown-ups!
3 light levels plus an all-night mode
Zed produces a calming red glow, which is proven to be particularly relaxing. The light switches off after 1 hour, or 12 hours for the all-night mode.
6 calming vibration modes with auto shut-down
Zed has 3 static vibration speeds plus 3 additional modes which give varying speeds to simulate a car accelerating and decelerating. It slowly fades out after 1 hour of use.
Works on any mattress
Zed works well in cots, cribs or beds. It is suitable for all types of mattress including, foam, sprung, memory foam and natural fibre stuffed mattresses.

– Splashproof. Tested to IPX4 standard
– Zed can be wiped clean if any little accidents occur.
– Takes 2xAA batteries with up to 50 hours battery life* (batteries not included)
– 50-hour battery life achieved with good quality alkaline batteries and with the slowest vibration mode.


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